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Saturday, April 23, 2005

the blog

Obviously I haven't blogged much in the last few months, and perhaps this (the middle of reading week) is the worst moment to take it up again, but I am doing just that. I'm doing it for two reasons.

(1) Counterintuitively, I'm doing it to spend less time on the web. I'm taking the advice of a friend (and experienced blogger) and seeing a daily post as a way to complete a web session, rather than as the reason for one. That way I can have a sense of accomplishment, and more easily move on to more important things.

(2) Hand-in-hand with this, the blog is moving in a different direction. I haven't spent much time reading political news recently (mostly for time, partially because of the post-election deflation of interest), and I'd like to focus this blog on the things I find more rewarding in life: philosophy and poetry. The latter I've talked about a bit on the blog, but there will be more now. The former will be my central focus, however. I want to use this as a forum for hashing out interesting philosophical ideas. This will most likely make for incoherent philosophy and a boring blog, but so be it.


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