The Botereid

Saturday, March 05, 2005

a fantastic insult

The NYT, while exploring the exorbitancy of 'The Gates,' happens upon quite an excellent insult...

A New York filmmaker who dared to dissect the $21 million figure on his Web site was savaged in an anonymous e-mail message, which included a suspiciously European-sounding putdown: "You ridiculous apprentice of nothing!"

I will have to save that one for a particularly scurrilous cur.

death after life

How interesting is this?

David Prueitt, who had lung cancer, took what was believed to be a fatal dose of a barbiturate prescribed by his doctor in January. He fell into a coma within minutes, but woke up three days later, said his wife Lynda Romig Prueitt.

Prueitt's wife told The Oregonian newspaper that he asked, "Why am I not dead?"

After softly descending into the last sleep, what must one feel on waking? Too bad Mr. Preuitt wasn't a writer, since it would seem to be an excellent experience to meditate upon and recount.