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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Things that interest the whole world because I'm a solipsist

It happens to the best of us

My uncle, 18. My father, 25. Me, 21. Correcto. I'm going bald at a rataplaniferous pace. I think it may be expediting on account of stress. The stress of going bald.

What a viciously circular ring-type thing.

Junk Bonds

Colin Farrell's not interested in being James Bond. Boo-hoo. The last time I watched a James Bond movie, I was a sophomore in high school. I went with my friend and his older brother, who had driven us. I woke up as the credits ended, and they were gone. I stumbled out of the theater to find them sitting in his Explorer, listening to the Devils game, and I didn't know whether I should cry.

I know, that's way more interesting than Colin Farrell.


"My old colleague in Times columny" is the funniest bit of wit I've seen in this long:
> _____________________________________________ <

The new cradle of philosophy

Of the 30 or so philosophy majors at Yale, 2 hail from Flemington, NJ. That's a significant portion, according to 50% of those Flemingtonites.

Xavier: "I guess we're just pretty damn good at philosophizing in Flemington."

Monique: "That's because there's nothing else to do."

When you're right, you're right.

Question: Why does Flemington, county seat of Hunterdon, 59.86% of which voted for Bush, have a "COST OF IRAQ WAR" ticker on their main page, courtesy of the Center for American Progress? Somebody let the techies loose again...(Hey, I can excoriate, belittle, ridicule, denounce, castigate, condemn, censure, and smear them because I'm one of them. I do it out of love or something.)

UPDATE: Ah, it's because that wasn't Flemington's OFFICIAL SITE. Or shall I say -- HISTORIC FLEMINGTON (!!!).


My younger brother just graduated from basic training. I spoke to him for the first time in months earlier today. I asked him about how hard it was. He said the worst part was the sleep.

Little Bro: "We have to be up at four-thirty. We stretch first, then we go out at five --"

Xavier: "Wait, you stretch for half an hour?"

Little Bro: "Well, when I say 'stretching,' I mean 'push-ups.'"

Congratulations, bro.


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