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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Botero Learns A Lesson

See Xavier look at a popular vote. See Xavier look at precincts voted. See Xavier screw eeeeverything up.

I'm no longer certain at all that Ohio is going to Bush. Without that, he loses it all, it seems. Why the loss of confidence?

Well, actually looking at the areas that are still largely unreported, they're going far more for Kerry. While I wouldn't say they'll definitely be enough to give it to him sans doubt, I'd say they're enough to declare me ignorant once again.

While there are plenty of counties with precincts to be counted that are falling head over heels for Bush -- e.g. Clermont, Defiance (love that name), Greene, Lawrence, Medina, Miami, and Warren -- the real heavy hitters are pro-Kerry, and they have plenty of counting left to do as well. Which are these? Cuyahoga, Franklin, Lorain, Lucas, Mahoning, and Summit. And while a tremendous amount of votes have left to be counted in Hamilton, which is slightly Bush, those should be discounted by Stark, which is going the other way in similar numbers.

I see Kerry picking up steam towards the end, and as I said: I'm moving back to "toss-up."


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