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Friday, October 08, 2004

Prez Debate # 2

Tie -- or, better yet, stalemate. They kept playing the same moves over and again, the same they've been playing for months, and I didn't feel that either helped themselves very much. When people wake tomorrow and the next day and see more bad news in Iraq and elsewhere, I think they'll forget this.

The media's going to say that Bush won, but he definitely had an easier time of it. Those who were impressed by Kerry's performance in the first debate were going to expect the same margin of victory tonight, but it just wasn't going to happen. Say what you will about Bush, he wasn't going to come unprepared into another debate, especially in a format he should rock. Was Bush more impressive than last time? Of course, that's why I thought it was a tie. But, then again, could Bush possibly have been worse?

My guess: The polls are going to stay where they are, or Kerry might even continue to rise.

Next debate: Bush is going to be looking for a checkmate. He's going to be looking for the "there you go again" line. He's got to. I thought he was reaching for it already tonight. Meantime, Kerry's just going to keep hitting the same points in the hope that he continues his ponderous ascent. (And we all know what kind of air it takes to do that. Sigh.)

I don't like Bush on just about anything, but I agree that Kerry's got the wrong vision for the Terror War. God, these candidates are horrible. I can't wait till historians can look back on these times...not because they'll be judged one way or another, but just because they'll be over.


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