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Friday, October 22, 2004

not a good sign

This post doesn't bode well for the Wolcott blog. When you discuss the Red Sox-Yankees game for three paragraphs before hopping over for a quick and unsubstantiated blow at the Bush admin, you need to take a breather.

I've heard people rave about the deceits of the Bush admin many a time now. Some have foundations, most don't. It doesn't help when you just start throwing ridiculous aspersions on them from any old direction, including talk about a ball game.

Note the offending paragraph:

Twice, the umpires set aside their professional egos, practiced true collegiality, erased a mistake, and did the right thing, risking the wrath of Yankee fans. Think how rare that's been in the Bush-Cheney years, admitting error and correcting it--taking the right stand after making the wrong stand. Last night the umps reminded me of a better America I'd almost forgotten we'd had, one where reason every once in a while prevails.

Let me reply from my own experiences. In the Bush-Cheney years, I've seen people accept criticism. I've seen reason prevail. I've met "men of integrity" -- I've even seen them in government. Is everyone of this mold? No, of course not. Have they ever been? No, of course not. To even imply it makes one sound ridiculous. This move from the umps to Bush is what's called an "irrational oversimplification." Longer length and it would enter the territory of "rant."

Mr. Wolcott, I've enjoyed your blog so far, so please don't let this become a habit. I'll go rent Fahrenheit 9/11 if I'm in the mood for non sequiturs.


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