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Sunday, October 31, 2004

A Free iPod -- Really

Pyramid schemes that aren't duds can be so ingenious. For example, "Get ten friends to join and win a free giraffe!" (or something). Now the genius is in what economists call the Idiots-Who-Sign-Up-But-Never-Actually-Get-Other-People Rule. That's where they make their money. Well here's one idiot who's going through with it.

A free iPod: Check it out. You and 4 of your best friends sign up to the service, and I get a free iPod. The catch? Well, you actually have to buy something. I paid $17 for one month of When it's done, I'll cancel, and hopefully I'll have a $250 iPod for my trouble.

Bullshit, you say? Uh uh. Check out the proof -- this one's legit: Wired News, engadget, Gear Live, and Forever Greekth.

Again, sign up through my link.

Pretty please?


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