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Friday, October 22, 2004

Fodor on Kripke

I finally got around to reading the Jerry Fodor article I found through Crooked Timber the other day. I had the article open since I found it, but I kept avoiding it, pushing it back for another time. I think subconsciouly I knew better than to read it. Of course, reading it set me off into dark deep waters at the edges of philosophy for three precious hours. Fodor to Kripke to Rorty to Williams to Berlin to White to Nietzsche...I had to pull myself away. I should have known better than to try, again, to make sense of the divide between continental and analytical philosophies (not what the Fodor article is necessarily about, but that's where it led me). I'm not enough to handle the philosophical turmoil we've inherited. Where's the estate tax when you need it? I'd like to give some of this back.


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