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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

the day's quotation

My malady continues. This'll have to suffice for today.

Shakespeare, King Henry IV, I.ii

Falstaff. And I hear, moreover, his highness is fallen into
this same whoreson apoplexy.
Chief Justice. Well, God mend him! I pray you, let me speak with you.
Falstaff. This apoplexy is, as I take it, a kind of lethargy, an't please your lordship; a kind of sleeping in the blood, a whoreson tingling.
Chief Justice. What tell you me of it? be it as it is.
Falstaff. It hath its original from much grief, from study and perturbation of the brain: I have read the cause of
his effects in Galen: it is a kind of deafness.
Chief Justice. I think you are fallen into the disease; for you hear not what I say to you.
Falstaff. Very well, my lord, very well: rather, an't please you, it is the disease of not listening, the malady of not marking, that I am troubled withal.


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